"Art is not a thing; it is a way."

Elbert Hubbard

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stan Winston! (RIP)

Close Range: Wyoming Stories
Annie Proulx

As a collection of short stories it has a real cohesion with Proulx's ability to use Wyoming as the linking character between the different stories quite impressive. Some of the stories are more resonant than others and the best known, 'Brokeback Mountain', probably the most affecting. It's a fine example of work by an author who has a real understanding of place.

Brothers Strause

Appallingly conceived and written, this alien invasion wannabe epic falls miserably short on just about every front. With some reasonable visual effects, the film cannot shake the fact that it has no idea how to tell a story convincingly. With perhaps the most ludicrously hilarious ending ever - that hand gesture has to be deliberately funny surely - Skyline is awful.

Go Fly A Kite
Ben Kweller

At his best Kweller is a lovely sing-a-long pop/light rock/folk/country sweetheart. This may not be anywhere near his best but as the collection progresses it becomes clear he is having fun. There are tinges of lots of others in this - at times there is a striking resemblance to some of Brendan Benson's work - but what shines through is Kweller's playfulness and whimsy. It's a nice little set not setting its sights any higher than Sunday afternoon.

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